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TR: SA:MP Sunucu Tan─▒t─▒mlar─▒ kategorisi aktif hale getirildi. Sunucu tan─▒t─▒m─▒na 30 yorum gelen kullan─▒c─▒lar─▒n tan─▒t─▒mlar─▒ #announcement-tr kanal─▒ndan @everyone tagi ile bir kereye mahsus payla┼č─▒lacakt─▒r.

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[SHOW] Interior Motel Idelwood.

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Posted (edited)

I made this make, hope everyone like ­čśä








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Posted (edited)

If you choose the wall textures from the old options, your map work will be better┬á­čśâ┬áI'm trying to learn modeling as a new study,┬áI recommend to you too

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TR: GTA Model, ad─▒ndan da anla┼č─▒ld─▒─č─▒ gibi GTA ├╝zerine yap─▒lan modifikasyonlar─▒ ve modellemeleri payla┼čma platformudur. Platforma hemen kat─▒lmak i├žin kay─▒t olabilir ve ard─▒ndan istek bir modifikasyon veya modelleme i├žin tasar─▒mc─▒lar ile g├Âr├╝┼čebilirsiniz. T├╝m haklar─▒ sakl─▒d─▒r, 2020.

EN: GTA Model, as the name suggests, is a platform for sharing modifications and models made on GTA. You can register to join the platform right now, and then contact the designers for a modification or modeling request. All rights reserved, 2020.